Canadian Journal of Nursing Research Special Issue: Philosophy, Theory, and Ethics

The following call might interest some readers

Deadline Extended to November 15, 2010

– Call for Papers –

 Canadian Journal of Nursing Research  has long provided an important venue for nurses in Canada and other countries to explore research and theory related to the ethical dimensions of nursing practice. Over the past 13 years the Journal has published three themed issues related to ethics (1997: Values and Decision-Making; 2002: Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making; 2007: Focus on Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making). This Call builds on that history, inviting research papers that explore nursing ethics in relation to philosophy and/or nursing theory. As Franco Carnevale notes in his guest editorial for Volume 39 No 4 (2007), our profession needs more “explicit attention to empirical-normative relations in nursing inquiry” (p. 15). Some of the most pressing empirical and normative questions facing us today are rooted in systemic inequities in access to resources for health and health care in Canada and around the globe. Further, as cost constraints proliferate in health-care delivery there are concomitant challenges to the moral agency of nurses and other health professionals. For this issue on philosophy, theory, and ethics, we invite papers that explore research and theorize on concepts such as social justice and moral agency.

Guest Editor: Dr. Patricia Rodney

Submission Deadline:  October 15, 2010 November 15, 2010

Please submit papers online Using CJNR E-journal Press at

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4 Responses to “Canadian Journal of Nursing Research Special Issue: Philosophy, Theory, and Ethics”

  1. sabah Says:

    thanks for your intrested topic

  2. Mary McMeel GRAWITZ Says:

    I am a Canadian bilingual nurse for 30 years, living in the south of France, Aix en Provence and recently began teaching English in the school of nursing since the New Reform for French nursing students dictates 20 or 30 hours of English nursing instruction per year. Looking for translated English French nursing research and nursing practice articles for students to use in their preparation for comprehension of English nursing research.

    • markrisjord Says:

      Can any of our Canadian colleagues point Mary in the right direction?

      • Mary McMeel GRAWITZ Says:

        Thanks for your interest Mark.. until now most of the articles I have been able to locate will have the abstract in French and the rest of the article in English. I truly thought this task would be easier than this.. but I’m hopeful to finally find something.

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