Philosophy in the Nurse’s World Call for Papers

This is an excellent conference that will be of interest to anyone who happens upon this blog.  The bits below are shamelessly copied from the organizer’s material.  Submit an abstract y’all!

Philosophy in the Nurse’s World:
Politics of Nursing Practice II

May 13-15, 2012
Banff, Alberta, Canada

The May 2012 conference will continue our philosophical conversations about ‘the political’ and nursing practice and in particular, focus on philosophy in action in nursing practice. Questions that might exercise us include: What is the difference that philosophy makes to practice? Can our philosophical work politicize our practices and what effects might this have for us and for health systems?
Plenary Speakers:
 Cressida Heyes, University of Alberta, Canada
Child,birth: The philosophical and political challenge of representing pain
 Martin Lipscomb, University of West England, United Kingdom
Some may beg to differ: Political claims and the fallacy of composition
 Amelie Perron, University of Ottawa, Canada
Towards an ‘ethics of discomfort’ in nursing: Parrhesia as fearless speech
 Jeannette Pols, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Washing the patient. About aesthetic values in nursing care
 Trudy Rudge, University of Sydney, Australia
Desiring productivity – nary a wasted moment, never a missed step!


JANUARY 16, 2012

For submission, please visit:

Registration and more information on the conference can be found at:



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